Henry I
Reign 1100-35 CE

Monetary System
Silver Pennies and Gold Thrymsas
40 Pence = 1 Thrymsa

Henry I Beauclerc was born to William I and Matilda in 1068 CE. Henry was in the woods hunting on the morning of August 2, 1100 CE when William Rufus was killed by an arrow. His quickly secured the crown. His reign is notable for important legal and administrative reforms. Henry's reign lasted thirty-five years and was nicknamed Beauclerc (fine scholar)

He married Matilda (Edith) from Scotland and had  four children. They are Euphamia, Matilda, William and Richard. He also had twenty one children with Sybilla Corbet, a child with Nest, Princess of Deheubarth,  three children with Ansfrida, two children with  Edith Sigulfson, one child with Isabel de Beaumont (Elizabeth). ire, EnglandHe died in 1135 CE and interred at Reading Abby in Berkshire, England.

Silver profile type penny of Henry I 1100 -35 CE.
Obverse: Crowned bust holding sceptre with Legend HENRI (CUS) REX N.
Mint Stamford.
Reference: S-1263A, Coincraft-H11D-010 and North-858.


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