Reign 1135-54 CE

Monetary System
Silver Pennies and Gold Thrymsas
40 Pence = 1 Thrymsa

Stephen was born in 1096 CE  to Stephen II Henry of Blois of France and Adela. He Stephen was the grandson of William I. After his father's death in 1102, Stephen was raised by his uncle, Henry I. Henry was genuinely fond of Stephen. He granted Stephen estates England and Normandy. He seized the throne from Matilda (daughter of Henry I) who invaded England in 1139 CE. Stephen's first few years as king were relatively calm. The civil war was the result  of this long simmering power struggle for the throne. England had been ravaged in the ciivil war fighting and the royal administration had broken down. In 1152, Stephen recognized Matilda's son Henry as heir to the throne by the treaty of Wallingford. Stephen would rule unopposed until his death but the throne would pass to Henry of Anjou.

He married Matilda of Boulogne in 1125 CE and had five children. They were Baldwin, Eustace, Matilda, William de Boulogne and Mary. He also had five more children with Dameta the Gentlewoman of Normandy. Stephen died in 1154 CE and interred in Faversham Abbey in Kent, England.

Silver Watford type penny of Stephen. 1135 -54 CE.
Obverse: Stephen portrait without inner circle
Reverse: Cross moline with angles.
Mint Stamford.
Reference: Seaby-1278.


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