William II
Reign 1087-1100 CE

Monetary System
Silver Pennies and Gold Thrymsas
40 Pence = 1 Thrymsa

William II Rufus was born to William I and Matilda in 1056 CE.  William Rufus acquired England after his father's death. In 1096, Robert the brother of William tired of governing and quarreling with him, sold Normandy to William Rufus for 10,000 marks to finance his departure to the Holy Land on the first Crusade.  William Rufu manipulated feudal law to the secure wealth for royal treasury: His shire courts levied heavy fines, confiscation and forfeitures and exorbitant inheritance taxes. His policies antagonized the church.

William II earned the nickname Rufus either because of his red hair or his anger. William Rufus never married and had produced no offspring. In 1100, William Rufus was struck in the eye by an arrow and was killed while hunting. Whether the arrow was a stray shot or premeditated murder is still under debate. He may have been assasinated by order of his younger bother who became Henry I. William II was interred in Winchester Cathedral at London, England.

Silver Profile type Penny of William II. 1087-1100.
Mint: London. Weight: 1.31 gm.
Obverse: Crowned bust holding a scepter.
Obverse: Cross.
Reference: North 851, Seaby 1258.



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