William I
Reign 1066-87 CE

Monetary System
Silver Pennies and Gold Thrymsas
40 Pence = 1 Thrymsa

William I the Conqueror was born  as the illegitimate son to  Robert II the Devil Normandy, Duke of Normandy and Herleva (Arlette) in 1028 CE at Falaise, Normandy, France. He received the duchy of Normandy upon his father's death in 1035 CE. But he lost the power to rebellious barons. William with the aid of France's King Henry I, won back  Normandy. He spent the next several years consolidating his hold on Normandy through marriage, diplomacy, war and intimidation. William invaded England in 1066 CE claiming that  Edward the Confessor promised the throne to William in 1051 CE. He defeated and killed Harold II at the Battle of Hastings and became King. William's conquest of England established  feudalism under which his followers were granted land in return for pledges of service and loyalty.

He was married to Matilda of Flanders and had ten children. They are Richard, Cecilia, Adeliza, William II Rufus, Constance,  Adela, Agatha, Matilda, Henry I Beauclerc, Robert II Curthose.  He died in 1087 from complications of a wound he received in a siege on the town of Mantes. He was interred in  St. Stephen Abbey, at Caen, Normandy, France.

Silver Pax Penny  of William I.
Obverse: Crowned bust facing and holding a sceptre with legend 'PILLEM REX'.
Reverse: Cross inside annulet containing letter of PAXS in each quart and legend 'PERE GODPINE' around it.
Mint: Wareham.
Moneyer: Godwine.

Silver Sword type Penny of William I.
Obverse: William facing
Reverse: Cross with legend  'GODPINE ON LINC'.
Mint Lincoln.
Reference: Seaby-1255, North 846.


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