King Ethelwulf
Reign 839-55 CE

Monetary System
Silver Pennies and Gold Thrymsas
40 Pence = 1 Thrymsa

AEthelwulf was born around 800 CE to the King Egbert of England and Redburga. Æthelwulf was the a sub-king of Kent between 825-39 CE. He ascended the throne of England upon his father's death in 839. He fought off Viking invasions and was renowned for his military prowess by defeating a viking attack in 851 CE.

Æthelwulf is also remembered as a highly religious man who cared about the establishment and preservation of the church. He was wealthy and controlled vast resources. He reduced taxation, endowed the Church. He made lay lands inheritable and provided systems of poor relief (first known social welfare system set up by the state in the western world).

He married Osburga in 830 CE. They had six children. They are Athelstan, AEthelbald,  AEthelbert, AEthelred I, Alfred the Great, and AEthelswyth. Divorced Osburga in  853 CE and married princess Judith in  856 CE. He abdicated in 856 CE. He died in 858 CE and interred at Winchester Cathedral in London, England.

Silver Penny  of Aethelwulf. c. 855-59 CE.
Mint: Canterbury.  Weight: 1.2 gm.
Obverse: Bust of the King.
  Reverse: Legend MANNI NC MONETA in and around voided cross.
Reference catalogs: North 618 and Seaby 1051.


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