King Aethelbald
Reign 855-60 CE

Monetary System
Silver Pennies and Gold Thrymsas
40 Pence = 1 Thrymsa

  AEthelbald was born in 834 CE to  King Aethelwulf of England and Osburga. While King Æthelwulf was on pilgrimage to Rome in
855, Æthelbald plotted with the Bishop of Sherbourne and the ealdorman of Somerset against his father. Æthelbald controlled Wessex wehen Aethelwulf returned from Rome and abdicated in his son's favor.

Married Pricess Judith of France in 860 CE. How ever hevdid not live long to rule England. He died in 860 CE and interred at Sherborne Abbey in Dorset, England.



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