King Egbert
Reign 802-39 CE

Monetary System
Pennies and Thrymsas
40 Pence = 1 Thrymsa

Ecgbert III of Wessex, born about 775 CE to Ealhmund of Kent, an sub king of Kent  and mother was a daughter of Kent nobility.

   In 800  King Brithric of Wessex died in 800 CE. Egbert was asked to be the King of Wessex. But he was forced into exile by the powerful King Offa of Mercia. He took refuge at the court of Charlemagne.  After the death of King Offa, Egbert returned to England in 802 CE and was recognized as king of Wessex.

He defeated the rival Mercians at the battle of Ellendun in 825. Northumbrians accepted his overlordship in 829 CE. He was proclaimed "Bretwalda" or sole ruler of Britain. He subsequently succeeded in bringing all the Kingdoms of the Heptarchy under his sway. He had a long reign and was memorable for the great victories over the Danes.

He was known as the first King of All England. He had three children with Redburga. They were AEthelwulf born around 800 CE and became King of England later. Second child was Editha, Abbess of Polesworth and the third Athelstan became sub King of Kent. Egbert died in 839 CE and interred at Winchester Cathedral  in Winchester, England.

Silver Penny  of Ecgberht. c. 802-39 CE.
Obverse: Bust of the King.
Reverse: Legend Moneyer Tidbearht.
Reference : North 573 and Seaby 1035.


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