Reign 1199-1216 CE

Monetary System
Silver Pennies and Gold Thrymsas
40 Pence = 1 Thrymsa

John I Lackland was born to Henrey II and Elonor of Aquatain in 1215 CE. In 1185 CE, Henry II sent John to rule Ireland, but John alienated both the native Irish and the transplanted Anglo-Normans who emigrated to carve out new lordships for themselves; the experiment was a total failure and John returned home within six months. Richard
gained the throne in 1189 CE and  gave John vast estates in an unsuccessful attempt to appease his younger brother. After Richard's death John ascended the throne.

John's reign was  proved extremely unpopular with his subjects. He levied a number of new taxes upon the barons to pay for his dismal campaigns. The discontented barons revolted, capturing London in May 1215 CE.   John succumbed to pressure from the barons, the Church and the English people at-large, and signed the Magna Carta.

His first marriage lasted but ten years and was fruitless, but his second wife, Isabella of Angouleme, bore him two sons and three daughters. He also had an illegitimate daughter with Agatha Ferrers. Her name was Joan and she married Llywelyn the Great from which the Tudor line of monarchs was descended. He also had ten children with Tracy Hawise and one child with Agatha Ferrers. John died 1216 CE and was interred at Worcester Cathedral, England.

 Silver penny of John. 1199-1216 CE.
Obverse: Crowned bust of John holding sceptre.
Reverse: Short cross.
Weight: 1.3 gm.



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