Han empire of ancient China

Hsin Empire
( 9 - 22 CE)

Liu Bang (Peng), a peasant farmer working as royal police led a successful revolt against Qin (Ch'in) ruler. Erh Shih Huang Ti,  the last emperor of Ch'in Dynasty committed suicide in 206 BCE. There was a power struggle between Liu Bang and another rebel leader Hiang-yu.  Liu Bang won the power struggle and started Han Empire in 202 CE with Ch'ang-an (Shansi province) as capital. This empire is referred as Hsi (western) Han Dynasty and ruled China for almost 200 years.

In 9 CE, regent Wang Mang, (nephew of the empress  dowager Wang) assumed the Imperial position himself, under the dynastic title of Hsin. Wang Mang ruled till 22 CE.

Emperor Wang Mang 9-22 CE (Hsin dynasty)

Xiao Quan Zhi Yi

Da Quan Wu Shi

Huo Quan

Huo Quan

Bu Quan

Huo Bu


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