Han empire of ancient China

Hsi (western) Han Empire
(c.202 BCE - 9 CE)

Liu Bang (Peng), a peasant farmer working as royal police led a successful revolt against Qin (Ch'in) ruler. Erh Shih Huang Ti,  the last emperor of Ch'in Dynasty committed suicide in 206 BCE. There was a power struggle between Liu Bang and another rebel leader Hiang-yu.  Liu Bang won the power struggle and started Han Empire in 202 CE with Ch'ang-an (Shansi province) as capital. This is referred as Hsi (western) Han Dynasty and ruled China for almost 200 years.

In 9 CE, regent Wang Mang, (nephew of the empress  dowager Wang) assumed the Imperial position himself, under the dynastic title of Hsin. Wang Mang ruled till 22 CE.

List of Hsi Han Emperors

Kao Tsu (Liu-peng) 202-196 BCE
Hui Ti 195-187 BCE
Empress Kao also known as Lu Hou 187-180 BCE
Wen Ti 179-157 BCE
King Ti 156-141 BCE
Wu Ti 140-87 BCE
Chao Ti 86-74 BCE
Hsuan Ti 73-49 BCE
Yuan Ti 48-33 BCE
Ch'eng Ti 32-5 BCE
Ngai Ti  6-1 BCE
P'ing Ti 1-6 CE
Ju Tze Ying 7-8 CE

Ban Liang 4 zhu

Ban Liang 8 zhu

 Elm Leaf Ban Liang

Wu Zhu.

Wu Zhu.


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