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Arecomici / Volcae Arecomici

Volcae Arecomici was a Celtic tribe living in the southwestern Gaul (present day France). Volcae Arecomici is one of the two groups that split from the Volcae. Volcae emigrated from Danube river area to southern Gaul during the 3rd century BCE. Arecomici surrendered to Roman Republic in 121 BCE. They settled in the southern Gallia Transalpina (Gallia Narbonensis) with Nemausus (present day Nimes) as their capital named after a Celtic water-god.

A roman colony of Nemausus was founded in 28 BCE near Nemausus . The name of the colony was Julia Augusta Nemausus Volcarum Aremecorum. Nemausus also minted its own bronze coins during Roman times. Those coins bore a crocodile under a palm tree to honor the service of the veterans of Egyptian wars and also bear the letters COL(onia) NEM(ausus).

Bronze coin of Volcae  Arecomici  c. 200 BCE.
Obverse: Female head
Reverse: A man standing wearing a toga and a palm tree in front of him and legend AREC.
 Weight: ~2 gms.  Diameter: ~ 15 mm.
Reference: Latour 2677.

Silver drachm of Volcae Arecomici c. 50 BCE.
Obverse: Female head.
Reverse: Cross with symbols in quarters.
 Weight: ~2.5 gms.  Diameter: ~ 15 mm.
Reference: CCC BM II 74.

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