Reign 1040 - 42 CE

Monetary System
Silver Pennies and Gold Thrymsas
40 Pence = 1 Thrymsa

Hardicanute Cnutsson was born in 1018 CE to Canute II the Great, King of England & Denmark and  Emma of Normandy. He became the King of Denmark at the death of his father. He was the heir to the throne of England too but his half brother Harald I was made King of England in  1035 CE.  Hardicanute invaded England to claim his throne, but Harald I died before HardiCanute arrived.  HardiCanute was made king of England upon his arrival.  His short rule was known for imposing punishing fleet tax on English for his expedition to England to reclaim his kingdom.  He was intensly disliked in England and died mystiriously of convulsions in 1042 CE and at Winchester Cathedral in Winchester, England.


Silver penny of Hardicnute. 1035-1042 CE.
Obverse:  Helmeted bust  of the King and legend HARDECNVT.
  Reverse: Long cross.
Reference: Seaby 1170.


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