( Canute or Knut )
Reign 1016-35 CE

Monetary System
Silver Pennies and Gold Thrymsas
40 Pence = 1 Thrymsa

Canute II the Great (Sveynsson Canute) was borne to Sveyn I Forkbeard, King of Denmark and Gunhilda of Poland in 995 CE. He went with his father to invade and capture the English throne 1014 CE. He returned to Denmark after the death of his father. He invaded England in 1015 CE and captured most of the England. He became the King after Edmund II died in 1016 CE.  He also became King of Denmark in 1019 and King of Norway in 1028 CE.  He defended England from other Viking invasions. Canute eliminating all claimants to the English throne by either banishment or execution

He had two sons by his English mistress Ælgifu. Harald I Harefoot became King of England for for few months. Sweyn Alfivason became the King of Norway. He also married Æthelred's widow Emma of Normandy and had three children with her. They were  Hardicanute Cnutsson, Gunhilda and another daughter. He was generous toward English church. He died in  1035 CE and was buried at Winchester Cathedral in Winchester,  England.

 Silver penny  of Cnute 1016 - 1035 CE.
Obverse: Cnute in helmet.
Reverse: Short Cross with legend GODRIC ON LVDDEN
Mint: London Moneyer: Goderic
Reference: S 1158


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