Ethelred II
Reign 979-1016 CE

Monetary System
Silver Pennies and Gold Thrymsas
40 Pence = 1 Thrymsa

 Ethelred II was born in 968 CE to King Edgar of England and Aelfthryth. Ethelred II succeeded to the throne in 979 CE as a boy after the murder of his half brother Edward II.  Ethelred II reign was a long and ineffective reign plagued by poor advice from his personal favorites and suspicions of his complicity in Edward's murder. Ethelred II reign was a long and was notable for the payment of the Danegeld, large sums of money in an attempt to buy off the Viking invaders. Viking demands for more money, forced him to abandon his throne in 1013. He fled to Normandy. He was later recalled to his old throne at the death of Dane Svein Forkbeard.

Ethelred II married Elfreda (AElfgifu) in 985 CE and had 13 children with her. They are Athelstan, Ecgbert, Edmund II Ironside, Edred, Edwy, Edward, Edgar, Edith, AElfgifu, Wulfhilda, a Daughter who was Abbess of Wherwell and Edric

Ethelred II was also associated with AElthelgife but did not have any children with her. He married Emma of Normandy  in 1002 at Winchester Cathedral, London. They had three children together. They were Edward the Confessor, Alfred Athling, Godgifu (Goda).

Ethelred died in London in 1016 during Canutes invasion of England and interred at St.Paul's Cathedral, London, England
His tomb was lost when the old St Pauls was destroyed in the great fire of London.

Long Cross Type silver penny of AETHELRED II 978-1016.
Obverse: Bust of the King with legend Ethelred
Reverse: Long cross.
    Mint: London.
 Reference: Seaby-1151.


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