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Sequani were a celtic tribe of Gaul who lived in the upper basin of the Arar (Saone),  a part of present day Burgundy in France.

Sequani formed an alliance with the Arverni (german tribe) to defeat their rivals the Aedui tribe. Germans under Ariovistus, helped Seqani to occupy Aedui lands in 71 BCE. But Ariovistus took a third of Sequani territory.

The Sequani asked for Roman help to regain their land. Caesar drove back the Germans in 58 BCE but Sequani had to surrender to Romans all the land gained from the Aedui. This so angered the Sequani that they joined in the revolt of Vercingetorix (52 BCE) and were defeated at Alesia by Romans.

Silver coin of Sequani tribe.  c 150 BCE
Obverse: Stylized head.
Reverse: Celtic representation of a horse.
Reference: De La Tour 5550.

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