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100 BCE - 7 CE.

Remi was a celtic tribe of the 1st century BCE.  They lived in the northern Champagne plain of north-eastern Gaul between  the rivers Mosa (also known as Meuse) and Matrona (also known as Marne). Remi were also renowned for their horses and cavalry. Their capital was at Durocortum (present day Reims in France).

They were friendly with Belgic tribes and Romans but faught with the celtic tribes of Parisii and the Senones.

The Remi were a Belgic tribe of north-eastern Gaul in the 1st century BC. They occupied the northern Champagne plain, on the southern fringes of the Ardennes, between the rivers Mosa (Meuse) and Matrona (Marne), and along the river valleys of the Aisne and its tributaries the Aire and the Vesle.

They were surrounded on all sides by friendly Belgic states, and their tribal capital was at Durocortum (Reims, France) the second largest "oppidum" of Gaul, on the Vesle. Linked with the Germans, they repeatedly engaged in warfare against the Parisii and the Senones. They were known to be the most pro-Roman out of all the tribes and were also renowned for their horses and cavalry. The Remi, under Iccius and Andecombogius, allied themselves with Julius Caesar and remained loyal to him throughout the entire Gallic Wars.

Potin coin of Remi tribe.  c 75 BCE
Obverse: Pigtailed warrior walking.
Reverse: Bear walking r. attacking serpent.
 Weiight: ~3.5 grams. Size: 21 mm.
Reference: Monnaies II 580, De La Tour 8124.



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