Map of Celtic Kingdoms
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Volcae Tectosages (in gallic means people which seeks a roof) slpit from Volcae of Germany ( other group became Volcae Arecomici ). Some of them worked  as merceneries for Carthagians during Punic wars and then settled in Asia Minor forming a country called Galatia.  However, majority of them migrated from Danube river area (Hercynia Silva of Germany) in the 3rd century BCE through Cisalpinia to Aquitaina. Volcae Tectosages became the most powerful people in Aquitraina. They settled on the west side of river Arauris. Their capital was Tolosa (Toulouse).

Silver dracham of Tectosages.  c. 121 - 52 BCE.
Obverse: Dolphin
Reverse: Cross with axe
Weight: ~ 2.6 grams. Size: 14 mm.
Reference:   LT. 3132; S 1.

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