King Armah
c. 614 CE

Bronze coin. c. 614 CE.
Obverse: Draped, crowned bust of the king facing right and holding cross-scepter. Legend in Ge'ez 'King Armah'.
Reverse:  Gold inlayed cross flanked by wheat ears.  Legend in Ge'ez 'Let there be joy to the people'.
Weight: ~1.5 g.
Reference: Munro-Hay/Juel-Jensen 152, BMC(British Museum Collection) Aksum 626.

Silver coin. c. 614 CE.
Obverse: Bust of  king wearing a guilded crown facing right and holding cruciform scepture.  Legend in Ge'ez 'King Armah'.
Reverse: Gold inlayed cross on an arch with gold inlay at the bottom and flanked by by two columns topped with crosses (Possible representation of Church of the Holy Sepulchre).  Legend in Ge'ez 'Mercy and Peace'.
Weight: ~0.8 g Diameter: ~22 mm.
Reference: Munro-Hay/Juel-Jensen 151, BMC(British Museum Collection) Aksum 566.


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